PARTY PACK - Savoury with Truffles
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PARTY PACK - Savoury with Truffles

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Having a party and need a small selection of items?
Enough for 6-12 people

Pack Includes:
- Lamb Koftas (6)
- Sausage Rolls (4 or cut in 1/2 to get 8)
- Pork Belly Skewers (6)
- Mocha Nut Truffles (12)



All Meals have got cooking instructions on them for you to enjoy.

However all ovens and microwaves are different, so we do suggest checking on the food every few minutes to ensure it hasn't been cooked faster or slower then our recommended cooking times.



** Please Note: Occasionally we may run out of a meal in the packs. We will do our best to ensure you receive everything. However for the 1% chance we may not have a meal in your pack, we will substitute it for something similar.