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white picnic

Express Lunch - 2 items

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Lunch Option

PICK UP or DELIVERY - Specify at check out in 'notes' your chosen time.

Please note - if you suffer from allergies, cross contamination may occur.

SANDWICH  (< 8 people = 1 bread choice)
Wholemeal 5 grain / Wrap / Club / Croissants

SALADS    (< 8 people = 1 flavour choice)
Salad pots (*GF) (*DF) (*V)

Quesadilla Chicken, cranberry & brie / Falafel, Spinach & feta (V)
Savoury quiche (*V)
Mediterranean frittata (GF) (*V)
Chicken rice paper roll (GF) (*DF)
Marinated skewers Chicken / Pork Belly / Vege (GF) (*DF)
Sliders w slaw hoisin pork or chicken
Lamb kofta w yoghurt mint dipping sauce (GF)
Housemade sausage roll w fresh herbs
Savoury Filos assorted flavours

Triple chocolate cookie
Peanut brownie cookie (GF)
Creamy fudge cubes (GF)
Caramel slice
Carrot cake
Ginger Crunch
Berry brownie (GF)
Melting moment
Orange almond cake (GF) (DF)
Seasonal fruit pottle (GF) (DF)