PIE Gourmet Creamy Chicken
PIE Gourmet Creamy Chicken
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PIE Gourmet Creamy Chicken

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290 grams - Serves 1 -  Contains GLUTEN & DAIRY & EGG & SESAME SEEDS

Our famous handmade gourmet pie with vodka pastry and creamy filling.

Delicious served on their own or choose from our sides to make this a complete meal!

May contain traces of peanuts, shellfish, fish, sulphites, soy beans, lupin and tree nuts

Please note - if you suffer from allergies, cross contamination may occur.

To heat frozen pies, we recommend to microwave for 2 minutes,  then place in PREHEATED oven 175oC, for 4-5 minutes

All Meals have heating guidelines.
However, as ovens and microwaves differ, we suggest checking on the food every few minutes to ensure it hasn't been heated faster or slower than our recommended time.